Life is Short

This life of ours, is so temporary. We only get to live here on this earth, as we are in this moment, in this season, and in this life of ours, once. God planned our start date, gave us each a purpose despite all of the days we feel as if we were placed here by... Continue Reading →

This World is NOT About YOU!

Recently I became increasingly aware that I had begun believing the biggest lie.Everywhere we turn, the message “this world is about you” is thrown in our faces. How many times have I sat in a coffee shop and spent more time focusing on my Chi tea than the broken people sitting next to me? We... Continue Reading →

People Will Spit Fire!

Sometimes Satan will possess other people's minds to spit fire at you. They will attempt to knock you down, convince you to quit after your first or second failed attempt at something, and make you feel as if you will never achieve what you set out to do. However, through everything we do, we have... Continue Reading →

It’s in the Growing Pains we Learn the Most

I’m learning that life never adjusts its pace to meet, where it’s convenient for you. In the last year alone, I’ve moved six times, surrendered the title of “STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WOMEN... who doesn’t need no man”- and opened up the door to the Lord, who so tenderly whispers” you need me more than you think.”... Continue Reading →

If we had Scripts for our Lives

Have you ever had one of those days you wish more than anything you could predict the Lord's plan for your life? Some days I swear, it would be so nice if God would have sent us into the world with detailed manuals, that got printed along with our birth certificates- describing all of our... Continue Reading →

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