The Puzzles of Life

Sometimes, life feels like a black and white, 10,628-piece puzzle; we are forced to complete. 🧩 Looking at all of the pieces is overwhelming. You already know it will take forever to figure out how everything clicks together. But there is no timeline to depend on, so you have no way to gauge how long... Continue Reading →

This is Your Daily Reminder…

This is your daily reminder that you my friend, are a firework! You have a wishbone for a spine, glow in the dark heart, and lungs that breathe poems. I hope you continue radiating as bright as the sun, and strive to see the light in others, plus treat them as if that is all... Continue Reading →

Be Good in Your Own Heart!

What would the world be like, if we just stopped trying to fix parts of each other, that were not broken until someone convinced them they were? One of the most important things I’ve learned is to be good in your own heart! ❤️ Regardless of the way the world treats you, the situations your... Continue Reading →

My Boy Phil-up is Up for Adoption!!

My boy Phil-up is up for adoption!For those who are interested in possibly adopting... let me give you all the nitty gritty. 1. Phillip is not only named after his original owner. But he is also named Phil-up because I always have to “Phil him up...” he gets 12-17 mpg (so super fuel efficient!!) 2.... Continue Reading →

Life is Short

This life of ours, is so temporary. We only get to live here on this earth, as we are in this moment, in this season, and in this life of ours, once. God planned our start date, gave us each a purpose despite all of the days we feel as if we were placed here by... Continue Reading →

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