I was baptized when I was an infant, and today I made the choice to be baptized again- a memory I will never forget!

I have grown up going to church and have known the Lord my entire life, but didn’t truly develop a relationship with Him until college. My faith is honestly my firm foundation that has never wavered or failed me. It has brought me through many trials and has refined my character in a way nothing else could.

I know so many people have ”church hurt” and I have even experienced being hurt by people in the church. It is unfortunately inevitable because despite peoples good intentions, they are human and they are imperfect. But the perfect Holy Spirit is able to heal you and help you discern false doctrine.

I am so grateful to attend RiverValley and to be part of this community that has so much more than a Sunday faith. I encourage everyone to find their people to do life with and would love for anyone to join me at RiverValley anytime or ask me any questions about anything. 🤍🤍🤍

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