Enjoy Where You Are in the Midst of Where You’re Going

For some reason, we so quickly get bored with our own lives.

We begin acting as if where we are planted in some seasons is not where God truly wants us…

As if, there is something more for us somewhere else.

So, we put our joy on hold and strive for something better. Or, we become so focused on what is ahead we forget to enjoy where we are right now, only to do the same thing when we get to that thing we were focused on.

But, in the midst of where we are going, we cannot forget to enjoy where we are. Our greatest calling is to live in each moment as if it is the only moment God has called us to. 

Each day invites all of our passion, purpose, and joy because it is what God has given us today. We are meant to serve Him in all places, things, and all seasons of life. 

If we allow it, God intends to use each situation to glorify Him, which should bring meaning and fulfillment no matter where you are. 

There is beauty found in every moment because of Christ. Therefore, I should not be so focused on striving for the future. 

Focus on God and allow him to use you in the mundane and normal of living; lasting joy will be found in that. 

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