This Doesn’t Fit: Elevation Church – Sermon Spark Notes!

Speaker: Doctor Dharius Daniels

How much you grow and how far you go isn’t just determined by what you think about God. It is equally impacted by what you believe about yourself. 

Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man or woman thinks in their heart, so is he.”

  • This means that you will always behave in a way that is consistent with how you see yourself.
  • This also means we can have inconsistencies regarding what God thinks about us versus how we see ourselves. 
  • This is why God regularly, repeatedly, and consistently tells us who we are all throughout scripture. 
  • Over and over the Lord tells us we are highly favored, chosen, and destined to reign… 

Sometimes His truth is not always my experience, and this is because His truth does not become what we experience until we believe it. 

When Satan is introduced in the Bible for the first time in the book of Genesis, he successfully creates an identity crisis. 

  • in the garden, Satan is disguised by a snake… (Something that does not seem out of the ordinary. We expect to see snakes in the garden. It is nothing unusual.) 
  • This is a perfect example of how the devil often shows up looking like he belongs. 

One of the ways Satan tries to get in our heads is by infecting us with inadequacy. Satan tries to convince us that we are inadequate. Therefore, when God calls us to do something, we question ourselves. 

  • “God doesn’t call the qualified, He calls whoever He calls.”
  • Over and over in the Bible, God calls people to do things that they feel inadequate to do. Therefore, God has to talk them out of inadequacy. 
  • God calls us to do things where we feel inadequate because He knows we cannot do these things without Him. Therefore, we will lean on him and walk with him every step of the way. As a result, we will not do something through our own understanding but will do things according to His plans. 

Sometimes the enemy try’s to infect us by having us think of ourselves think too highly of ourselves, but other times, he has us think too low of ourselves 

1 Samual 16:1 

  • The Lord asks Samual how long he will nurture an emotional attachment to something He is done with… to a season he will not revisit.
  • You must master moving on without closure if you keep walking with God. 
  • Where trust is present, explanations are not needed. 
  • God is doing something new, so how long are you going to keep morning over this because your tears do not change his will. 
  • When you stop talking about how it was, you can start thinking about what it will be. The best is in front of me. 


Hermeneutics – the law first mentioned. (when we first see something someway in scripture, that is going to be the way that that thing is going to be for the rest of scripture.) 

Thank you Doctor Dharius Daniels for this sermon!!

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