The Puzzles of Life

Sometimes, life feels like a black and white, 10,628-piece puzzle; we are forced to complete. 🧩

Looking at all of the pieces is overwhelming. You already know it will take forever to figure out how everything clicks together. But there is no timeline to depend on, so you have no way to gauge how long it will take.

While doing some puzzles, you will have the box to reference, but other times you won’t. Therefore, you will have to closely evaluate each piece to determine how it fits into this big mystery picture.

Then there are times when you are off to such a great start- you feel like, oh, the pieces are flowing! But then you get to the end of the puzzle where you can see the picture you are creating, only to discover a missing piece.

I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, nothing is more frustrating than missing puzzle pieces. One of those bummers brings me down to my hands and knees as I try to find the last piece so I can connect the whole picture.

However, eventually, you will finish the puzzle no matter what the journey to completion looks like, and you will see the full picture.

The best part is that you won’t ever have to put the puzzle back in the box. Instead, you can mod podge and frame the picture to hang proudly in your puzzle gallery, representing all of the puzzles you have accomplished leading up to your newest journey.

While some puzzles did not present too many challenges, you will review others that remind you of seasons you cried the entire time because it felt impossible to endure and as if you would never finish.
All the puzzles that appeared black and white at first glance have so much color and grey space. You will also recognize how your journey shaped you and brought you one step closer to a completed puzzle gallery.

I know that moment to moment; sometimes, it feels as if nothing changes. However, looking back, we realize that everything is now different.

So, to the overwhelmed person staring at what seems like a pile of black and white pieces, I hope you remember that the Lord already knows what the full picture looks like and will guide you through your journey.

I hope you always know just how intentionally you have been created, and I hope you recognize that you are also a puzzle piece that makes this puzzling world more complete.

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