You’re a Slingshot!

We live life forward but understand it backward.

Sometimes day to day, nothing feels like it changes, yet when we look back, somehow, everything is different. 

Maybe recently, you feel like you took a few steps backward.

Maybe you are having a hard time determining whether you took a wrong turn and if you’re lost… because everyone around you is walking a path that looks remarkably different than yours.

But, I must say, friend, I think you are just more ambitious than most- because you’re willing to take a step backward if it means it will eventually propel you towards your goal.

Right now, you are pulling back on that slingshot, and from where you are, it looks like everyone is racing forward. But, one day, you will let go, and you’re going to go flying!

This step “backward” is going to teach you so much, and become invaluable to your journey forward.

So, I encourage you to endure life unafraid of moving backward… because you know where you are going, and you will get there!

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