My New Position as a Gardener!

“You cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive. But never underestimate the power of planting a seed.”


Planting seeds.

I feel so firmly this has been and will continue to be, the Lords theme for me in this season.

Especially, the past several months, I have felt so powerless. There have been so many perspectives I hold, and have wanted to share with others through conversation. There have been so many people I want to serve, and so many situations I want to fix. However, I am not Jesus, and I cannot always move mountains, which can be frustrating.

At times, I have felt guilty for my privileges, because I know others do not have all of their needs met, and I am limited by my humanness when it comes to my ability to help others. Therefore, I cannot comprehensively change someone’s life.

While all of the above is true, I am learning; I do have the ability to plant seeds and allow the Lord to do the rest.

I have been thinking a lot about just how many seeds others have planted in my life. Maybe at first, I buried the seed, not giving it a second thought, and was unable to see how this small speck could impact my life. But, because the Lord continued to pour into the soil, roots began to form, and God sent others who shined as bright as the sun, to help me meet my needs.

So, instead of trying to be Jesus, I am learning to accept my position as a gardener in the kingdom.

I have been praying that the seeds I plant in others blossom into the most beautiful things within their garden of life. I am accepting that plants take time to grow, and need many aspects from multiple sources to flourish. Also, you cannot rush the process, because if you overwater the plant it will become overwhelmed and drown.

The plant does have to do its part. However, is the perfect example of something that can flourish with a little bit of assistance. And, in the Lord’s perfect timing, everything the plant needs to bloom will be provided.

Therefore, even when I feel powerless because I am unable to change an aspect of someone’s life, I can be empowered by the fact that I can plant seeds.

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