The Thing’s You Learn In The “Waiting Room.”

I feel as if I am in some sort of spiritual waiting room with flickering lights, nothing to read, and no one around.

I feel as though I’m in this in-between season of almost there, but not yet. 

A little like everyone’s name has been called, except for mine. And at times, I feel exhausted, discouraged, and lonely. I question if I am sitting in the correct place at the right time or if I am too early or late…

I want so badly for the Lord to call my name, in the form of a clear purpose, that I almost forget that the Lord already called for me, back when he knit me in my mother’s womb…

I often need to remind myself that just because I don’t quite know the details of the Lord’s plan does not mean they do not exist in His mind. 

I am learning that sometimes, He places me in the waiting room because He has something to teach me while I’m here. Something that I cannot learn anywhere but these very coordinates. And, as frustrating as it is, I have to remind myself that it’s the very place where growth happens and faith shakes hands with frustration. 

The good news is that my Jesus is near to me in this place of ”almost there, but not yet.” He is with me in this place that is neither a mountain top nor a valley but is simply where I need to be.

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