Opening the Door to Fear + Anxiety.

I think sometimes I let fear + anxiety, into my life far too easily. 

Not only do I answer the front door when one of them knocks, but I make the mistake of inviting them in as well. 

I allow them to wipe off their shoes on the rug and reside longer than I should allow. 

I know better– I know that the LORD did not tear that veil so I could live uncomfortably in + with fear. 

I know that the LORD did not send His Son to die on that wooden cross so I could wake up feeling anxious to the brim. 

No, the LORD has filled my cup with peace + victory for all of my days to come. 

Therefore, I will only allow the peace + victory of my Jesus to open the front door and walk freely into my home + my life. I will only allow goodness + love of Jesus, to kick off their shoes and sit comfortably in this life I have been given. 

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