My Boy Phil-up is Up for Adoption!!

My boy Phil-up is up for adoption!
For those who are interested in possibly adopting… let me give you all the nitty gritty.

1. Phillip is not only named after his original owner. But he is also named Phil-up because I always have to “Phil him up…” he gets 12-17 mpg (so super fuel efficient!!)

2. Phil-up requires premium fuel… because his original owner spoiled him and he became accustomed to it. Phil-up is very stubborn and will not perform if you don’t Phil-up with premium fuel.

3. Custom detailing… my boy Phil-up has several custom details. Including, but not limited too… a few good dings here and there (all have FANTASTIC stories behind them… which I will provide to you at absolutely no extra cost.) 3/4 Cadillac rims and one Pontiac rim… (I actually have the 4th Cadillac rim. But, I haven’t put it on yet. (Another fun story). Only a few paint chips. Phil-ups current paint job is not the original. In 2010 he got a fresh coat of paint… The person who did this, did such a great custom paint job… in 2018 Phil-up started bubbling up in places and has since started chipping. Think about it like wrinkles for cars!

4. Phil-up is an ARTIST! He gets bored being parked for more than 2 hours. Therefore, he will paint you a pretty picture using power steering fluid. You never know what kind of design your going to see when you walk out there. He just likes to make his mama proud and is always surprising me with the size of his elaborate art work!

5. He LOVES Christmas… therefore, he likes to keep his lights LIT up! Not only do the brights automatically turn on when using the turn signal. BUT ALSO the check engine light is his favorite. Therefore, it stays on at all times! Also, another FUN custom detail… his lights are two different colors. On top we’ve got those LED lights and on bottom some classic yellow light bulbs. (Adds a really nice touch.)

6. He is very attached to his owner. Therefore, he refuses to allow the seat on the drivers side to move at all… and it will only be able to be set to one spot.

7. Absolutely no Jimmy rigging done at all… (except the wheels are set for 17in tires and currently have 16in tires with a higher roll out. The battery is the correct voltage. However, I saved myself $50 and bought an alternative brand… therefore, it sticks out a little more than the one it should have. Also, I didn’t want to take the bumper off to replace the headlight. Therefore, I may or may not have had to do a little puzzling to replace the headlight at some point.)

8. V6, 3.6 engine! Vroom vroom… you want to drive like a racer? Phil-up is your man. He has lots of horse power…

9. OnStar is always ready! You can call the OnStar company every three months and pretend your a different member of your family who just became the owner of your families Cadillac…. and you can renew your free trial. Therefore, when Phil-up decides he doesn’t feel like driving you can tow his butt to the Hi-Ten Service Center for no charge.

10. Hands free calling… 😮 Phil-up has the latest technology 2007 Cadillac CTS’s has to offer. So, you can call up OnStar and add minutes to your alternative phone number… and call your mommy on your way home from work.

11. RWD – Rear Wheel Drive: not the easiest to drive in the winter. However, 100% doable if you know how to properly control your vehicle. Phil and I have done several winters together and he has only been stuck about 60x, and I have only landed in the ditch once!

12. Brand new tires and breaks… I just put brand new tires and breaks on my dude. I have also recently dumped a few dollars into a brand new battery for the guy.

13. Last but not least… every 1000 miles Phil gets a bit hot headed and BURNS about a court of FULL SYNTHETIC oil. Therefore, your going to have to keep a case of oil in your trunk and pay special attention to when you have driven over 1000 miles. After you do, you will need to top off your oil.

If you are not SOLD already… let’s talk, I’ll have you completely convinced at the end of our conversation. Phil-up has many more features I have yet to even highlight… and I am really thinking he is going to be the one for you.

Really, I am just selling because I am ready for a new adventure and have my eye on a boss lady car I am going to name Phil-lesss!! Because I am crossing my fingers she will allow me to Phil less often.

(But really, I love this car and am BEYOND grateful for it. I really don’t mind any of Phil’s quarks at all… and have enjoyed celebrating life on the level I am on. Meaning, dents, chips and all. I am also grateful for all that driving an imperfect car, has taught me. It has made me a safer and more knowledgeable driver…
It’s just the pending transmission replacement that pulled my last string and made me decide I can’t keep pouring money into my man any longer. I am sure going to miss my guy. However, I know he will find a new home, and he wants the best for me. Therefore, I have decided to purchase a new car!)

For serious inquiries message me. 😉😉

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