Welcome Back!

I’ve been so frustrated because historically, I could freely write these posts, without chains attached to proper grammar, or fear of others’ opinions, judgments, or sentence structure…

I was able to simply compose my raw thoughts spun straight from my brain to a pen and paper.

I was so proud to share all that I was learning in life.

I was thrilled to hear that others enjoyed reading what I had to say…

But the more I learned about all that goes into writing like a “true scholar,” the more it killed any joy I once experienced in writing.

I began writing out my thoughts, but froze in my tracks, countless times because I didn’t have the perfect way to phrase something.

My brain seemed to continually get lost inside the sticky mess of thoughts… such as “your grammar is a hot mess! Okay, can we talk about run-on sentences?????OMG your definitely breaking every writing rule there is. AND REMINDER… you’re posting this on the internet for all to see, + who cares about what Hallie has to say?!” 🥵🥵🥵

Sometimes I would start writing something, and suddenly it would be like a gust of wind flew through my mind and the pages I very momentarily had all lined up in the perfect order… flew everywhere. Leaving me with nothing but fragments of all these BIG ideas!

But then I realized…

I am NOT a member of Mensa, nor will I ever be. Soooo, I’m really sorry to disappoint you… (I disappoint my parents every day, let me know if you want me to sign you up for their club…. just kidding.)

I decided to give this blog thing another try… because it’s something I enjoy and it has been something others have told me they miss.

So, here we go again!

Here’s where maybe you can read all about my “But, God” moments… lessons learned, adventures, challenges, and successes. I can also… put you to sleep in an instant, make you feel better about yourself, and educate you with more than you ever cared to know…

And then I hope to sit next to you and hear all about your stories too.

Welcome back, be my friend… stick around?

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