Life is Short

This life of ours, is so temporary.

We only get to live here on this earth, as we are in this moment, in this season, and in this life of ours, once. 
God planned our start date, gave us each a purpose despite all of the days we feel as if we were placed here by accident… and before you know it we expire.

We never really know just how long we will be here on earth, kicking and grovin!! While some people will live to be 120, some only have a few hours, but we all have purpose.

There’s beauty and light to be seen in everyone’s stories, even in the ones whom feel as if they only experience life in the dark. If we choose to find light, there will be light.

Your life changes every second of every day. So I encourage you to enjoy each day, as you will never have this exact moment again.

When you are in your grave it will not have mattered how much money you saved, what you ate, your size, your beauty, or that you received perfect grades… it will only matter that you lived, had fun, and enjoyed this short life of yours, plus fulfilled the mission God sent you for!!

I’m pretty sure the Lord did not tear that vail so we could live uncomfortably and with fear. I know that the Lord did not send His Son to die on a wooden cross, so that we could wake up feeling anxious and brim.

No the Lord has filled our cups with peace and victory for all of the days we still have yet to come! Therefore, we can walk freely with this love and grace we have been given! 💕

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