This World is NOT About YOU!

Recently I became increasingly aware that I had begun believing the biggest lie.
Everywhere we turn, the message “this world is about you” is thrown in our faces.

How many times have I sat in a coffee shop and spent more time focusing on my Chi tea than the broken people sitting next to me?

We are obsessed with our image, and how people perceive us, and we are rarely content with our own lives.

Even after checking off several boxes on our lists of dreams and daily regimens, there seems always to be more we realize we do not have but “need” if we are going to “fit in.”

It baffles me that we are all so quick to make it look like we have an abundance to bring to the table and that it’s perfectly wrapped in ribbon with a bow tied on top because in reality we are all just broken vessels longing for a drop of healing to fall onto us.

If I am completely honest, most of the time I’m stumbling and scrambling what I do have to offer, all over the floor, while I’m making my way to the table.

But isn’t that the beauty of it all, that we can bring one broken piece of ourselves and set it down on the table, and that’s enough because Jesus picks up the rest off the floor.

I mean, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we cry. We wear our hearts on our faces when a tear makes a bold decision to leave our eyes – an outward display of inward feelings.

I think God wanted us to build our hearts as our homes and wear our tears like picket fences – you are fully guarded, but friends can still see through the cracks. Letting people in, allowing them to see all the not-so-great you, it’s what makes you merely human.

The real purpose of this life is to be intimate with God and to lead others into that intimacy.

This life is not about us, and once we realize that we will observe this city changing.

Therefore, I have decided to celebrate my scattered pieces because there is so much more to life than my desires, and the less I bring, the more Jesus does.

(The following photos are from my mission trip to the LA Dream Center!)

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