It’s in the Growing Pains we Learn the Most

I’m learning that life never adjusts its pace to meet, where it’s convenient for you.

In the last year alone, I’ve moved six times, surrendered the title of “STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WOMEN… who doesn’t need no man”- and opened up the door to the Lord, who so tenderly whispers” you need me more than you think.”

I began to dip my toes into the idea that there are things that I will never understand. There are problems so complex, issues so massive, and questions so expansive- my finite mind cannot even begin to scratch the surface of what lies underneath all of the possible answers. 

I finally realized that I was not stuck in a spiritual waiting room– with flickering lights, nothing to read, and no one around- standing by for the LORD to call my name in the form of a definite purpose… But was already pursuing my callings, as the LORD had already called my name a long time ago when He knit me in my mother’s womb. 

It’s been a year to show up and be human to the fullest. A year to recognize amid the turbulence, how beyond blessed I am, and it’s been a year that has taught me, the absolute only consistent thing about life, is that God has been- and always will be- rooting me on through it all. 

In the growing pains of becoming better and more honest with myself, I learned that I don’t have to make it look as if I have an abundance to bring to the table- perfectly wrapped in ribbon. But can bring all of the broken, scattered pieces, I scrambled all over the floor, on my way to the table. 

We are built for the dreary, uneventful, in-between days. The ones that make us feel as if we are tiptoeing across the calendar and as if everyone’s name has been called but ours because these are the days that craft us, shake us, shape us, and twist us into the ones God has on the docket. These are the days when faith shakes hands with frustration, and growth happens.

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