If we had Scripts for our Lives

Have you ever had one of those days you wish more than anything you could predict the Lord’s plan for your life?

Some days I swear, it would be so nice if God would have sent us into the world with detailed manuals, that got printed along with our birth certificates- describing all of our callings.

Yet, at the same time… if we had scripts for our lives- would we even follow our lines? Or would knowing what’s next ruin our development and the adventure in life?

I guess if we always knew what was coming next, we would start to act like children on an eight hour road trip to Disney World- They know the destination means roller coasters and fireworks, but they have no concept for when they are going to get there… Therefore, every five minutes they pester their parents with the endless “are we there yet, are we there yet, how much longer, how about now??”

And, when I think about what has shaped me most… I reflect on all of the mistakes I learned from, because I didn’t know what I was doing- not all of the times I got it right. 

If we came out of the womb with even just an outline for Gods exact plans for us as individuals… all of the “BUT, GOD!” moments, broken hearts, and embarrassment- associated with all of the times we walked in the wrong door, would be gone- but all of the scenery in the detours life throws at us would be nonexistent. 

We would miss so much if we never had to take the scenic route… which is why God doesn’t tell us everything. Instead he walks beside us, picks us up when we fall down, and intervenes when we go off script.

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