My New Position as a Gardener!

“You cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive. But never underestimate the power of planting a seed.” Unknown Planting seeds. I feel so firmly this has been and will continue to be, the Lords theme for me in this season. Especially, the past several months, I have felt so... Continue Reading →

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Holding Anxiety to the Light!

I used to have sooooo many days where anxiety kept inviting itself over, again and again. No matter how many times I would ask it to leave, it kept knocking at the door. I tried hiding behind the curtain to pretend no one was home. However, it eventually found a weak spot within my foundation,... Continue Reading →

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This World is NOT About YOU!

Recently I became increasingly aware that I had begun believing the biggest lie.Everywhere we turn, the message “this world is about you” is thrown in our faces. How many times have I sat in a coffee shop and spent more time focusing on my Chi tea than the broken people sitting next to me? We... Continue Reading →

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If we had Scripts for our Lives

Have you ever had one of those days you wish more than anything you could predict the Lord's plan for your life? Some days I swear, it would be so nice if God would have sent us into the world with detailed manuals, that got printed along with our birth certificates- describing all of our... Continue Reading →

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The Puzzles of Life

Sometimes, life feels like a black and white, 10,628-piece puzzle; we are forced to complete. 🧩 Looking at all of the pieces is overwhelming. You already know it will take forever to figure out how everything clicks together. But there is no timeline to depend on, so you have no way to gauge how long... Continue Reading →

You’re a Slingshot!

This is your daily reminder that you, my friend, are a slingshot!! Maybe recently, you feel like you took a few steps backward. Maybe you are having a hard time determining whether you took a wrong turn and if you’re lost… because everyone around you is walking a path that looks remarkably different than yours.... Continue Reading →

This is Your Daily Reminder…

This is your daily reminder that you my friend, are a firework! You have a wishbone for a spine, glow in the dark heart, and lungs that breathe poems. I hope you continue radiating as bright as the sun, and strive to see the light in others, plus treat them as if that is all... Continue Reading →

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